Fall 2018

We had a very busy spring and summer. Fall is here and we have deliveries scheduled through November. Our home delivery schedule for 2018 is full and we are starting in on the 2019 schedule. I wanted to say thank you to all of our 2018 customers!

Currently we have several customers in with paid drawings or deposits for spring. If you are looking to build in 2019, please let your sales representative know soon. Fall is when we are getting drawings started for our spring schedule.

The lead time from starting plans to delivery is 6-7 months normally. This gives our customers time to look over plans and make changes (as well as our designer and production people lead time to get things done).

We would like to have all spring & early summer projects somewhere in the drawings/deposit stage by early January at the latest.

Thanks again to our 2018 customers and of course all of our past customers!